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Special Session 1: AI in offshore geotechnics and geoscience 
Dr. Stephen Suryasentana (Lecturer, University of Strathclyde) 
Dr. Brian Sheil (RAEng Research Fellow, University of Oxford) 
Dr. Róisín Buckley (Lecturer, University of Glasgow) 




Special Session 2: Big data and machine learning in life-cycle design, construction and maintenance of tunnel and underground engineering

Prof. Dongming Zhang, Tongji University 

Prof. Zhenyu Yin, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Prof. Hongwei Huang, Tongji University




Special Session 3: Application of Machine Learning and Big Data in Geotechnical and Geohazard Investigations

Prof. Wengang Zhang, Chongqing University

​Dr. Jinzhang Zhang, Tongji University

Prof. Songlin Liu, Chongqing University




Special Session 4: Machine Learning for the Mapping of Marine Geology, Geomorphology and Habitats

Dr. Riccardo Arosio, University College Cork

Dr. Benjamin Misiuk, Dalhousie University

Dr. Alexandre Schimel, Geological Survey of Norway



Special Session 5: Machine Learning & Data-driven based TBM Tunnelling

Prof. Zixin Zhang, Tongji University

​Assoc. Prof. Xin Huang, Tongji University

Dr. Shuaifeng Wang, Tongji University



Special Session 6: Big data and machine learning for ageing tunnels and underground infrastructures

Prof. Asaad Faramarzi, University of Birmingham

Prof. Fei Ye, Chang'an University

Dr. Zhipeng Xiao, University College Cork

Special Session 7: Image Analysis and Machine Learning for Geomechanics

Dr. Budi Zhao, University College Dublin

Dr. Eleni Stavropoulou, EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne)

Special Session 8: Deep Learning & Computer Vision Aided Characterization of Geotechnical Processes

Prof. Ningjun Jiang, Southeast University

Xiaole Han, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Yijie Wang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Special Session 9: Innovative monitoring technologies and artificial intelligence for underground space 

Associate Professor Chengyu Hong, (, Shenzhen University, China

Professor Dong Su, (, Shenzhen University, China

Professor Baosong Ma, (, Sun Yat-sen University (Zhongshan University), China.

Special Session 10: Back Analysis using Machine Learning for the Observational Method – Lessons Learnt and Future Directions

Prof. Franz Tschuchnigg, Assoc Prof. Graz University (ISSMGE TC309 and 206).

Duncan Nicholson, Arup Fellow, (ISSMGE TC206 Chair)

Antonio Cañavate Grimal, Principal geotechnical engineer, Ove Arup and Partners Ltd.

Special Session 11: IoT & AI-based intelligent construction and maintenance of shield tunnels

Prof. Xiao-Wei Ye, Zhejiang University, China

Prof. Yin-Fu Jin, Shenzhen University, China

Special Session 12: Data-driven solutions for underground built heritage modeling, preservation and valorization

Alfonso Bahillo Martinez, University of Valladolid, Spain

Pinar Karagoz, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Giuseppe Pace, ISMed-CNR Istituto di Studi Sul Mediterraneo, Italy

Special Session 13: Emerging technologies in geotechnics and urban systems

Dr Bingyu Zhao, University Assistant, TU Wien 

Dr Chaofeng Wang, Assistant Professor, University of Florida 

Dr Zijun Cao, Professor, Southwest Jiaotong University 

Special Session 14: Data Quality Assurance and Pre-processing in Geoscience

Dr.Alla Sapronova, Institute of Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling, Graz University of Technology, Austria ()

Dr.Thomas Dickmann, Amberg Technology, Switzerland

Dr.Marlene Villeneuve, Leoben Mountain University, Austria

Special Session 15: Machine Learning in offshore wind

Dr. Cian Desmond, Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions (GDG)

Dr. Louis Marin Lapastoure, Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions (GDG)

Prof. David Igoe, Trinity College Dublin


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