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Special Session Proposal for ISMLG 2023

Special Session

Innovative monitoring technologies and artificial intelligence for underground space  



Underground monitoring and the related data analytics is an emerging research area which stands at the intersection of several different discipline such as theoretical methods, IoT Sensors, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. Different methods, techniques, devices, and applications are continuously developed to be used for data acquisition, storage, processing, analysis, and optimization of every process in geotechnics. As the underground monitoring is so challenging and related data are consistently explosive, smart analytics methods are essentially required to reveal deep value of data and information obtained from geotechnical monitoring.


The main purpose of this session in ISMLG 2023 conference is to bring together researchers, academicians and sector employees from different fields and disciplines, providing them an independent platform to exchange information on researches, ideas and findings about monitoring technologies and data analytics in geotechnics. It is also aimed to encourage debate on how innovative sensors, big data and artificial intelligence can effectively support advanced development strategy of underground space, and to develop a common understanding for research conducted in this multidisciplinary field.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Geotechnical investigation using smart technologies

  • Smart sensors for underground monitoring

  • Testing instruments in underground space

  • Underground communication systems

  • AI based data analytics in geotechnics


Special Session Organizers

Associate Professor Chengyu Hong, (, Shenzhen University, China

Professor Dong Su, (, Shenzhen University, China

Professor Baosong Ma, (, Sun Yat-sen University (Zhongshan University), China.

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