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Special Session Proposal for ISMLG 2023

Special Session

Emerging technologies in geotechnics and urban systems


Special Session Organizers

  • Dr Bingyu Zhao, University Assistant, TU Wien 

  • Dr Chaofeng Wang, Assistant Professor, University of Florida 

  • Dr Zijun Cao, Professor, Southwest Jiaotong University 



Geotechnical structures form the infrastructural foundation of the urban system. Their construction and maintenance largely depend on and influence the function of other infrastructure sub-systems, such as the telecom, energy supply, water, and sewage, as well as passenger and logistic transportation. However, the importance of the multi-system perspective on the planning, short- or long-term operation of these urban infrastructures has not been fully recognized. In addition, practical or innovative methods that allow for better collaboration and assessment may not be known to many. This special session calls for works that specifically target the interface of geotechnical engineering with other infrastructure systems, with qualitative and quantitative evidence highlighting areas of interconnection that need to be strengthened or better explored. Works are welcomed that demonstrate the value of emerging technologies or offer a new interpretation of existing practice.


Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following

  • Impacts of construction and safety of geotechnical structures on other urban infrastructure systems.

  • Co-operation of geotechnical and other infrastructure systems in response to natural disasters, energy crises, etc.

  • Quantification of the role of geotechnical structures in climate change mitigation from a system perspective.

  • Reliance on other infrastructure provision under the energy crisis and regulation constraints.

  • Adaptation and resilience of geo- and urban systems.

  • Novel sensing and monitoring technologies for data collection.

  • Data, algorithms, tools, and case studies in the simulation and modeling of geotechnical and urban infrastructure.

  • Environmental impacts and sustainability of geo-infrastructure construction and maintenance.

  • Human behavior and socio-economic aspects of complexity in urban systems.

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